Rhode Island School Psychologists Association (RISPA)

Creating Systems Change Through Universal Social-Emotional Screening [LIVE WEBINAR]

  • 16 Oct 2014
  • 2:00 PM (EDT)
  • https://nasp.inreachce.com/Details?resultsPage=1&sortBy=&mediaType=bae80c37-9ab1-49da-b01a-1b5db926a477&groupId=7e1d1a6b-2aa2-4b03-a7d8-0bacb98e0ba5

School psychologists are in a unique position to promote positive systems-level change, particularly related to school-based mental health services.  In this webinar, you will learn to identify obstacles, establish buy-in among faculty and staff, and create conditions where change can occur.  You will also learn how we developed and implemented a universal social-emotional screening that examines school connectedness at the secondary level and how we expanded its use to other schools in the state. 



The session will help participants:

1. Establish "buy-in" when beginning a systems-level project in your school

2. Identify and overcome obstacles faced by schools attempting to make systems-level change

3. Take first steps in implementing a school-wide social-emotional screening


To register please visit: https://nasp.inreachce.com/Details?resultsPage=1&sortBy=&mediaType=bae80c37-9ab1-49da-b01a-1b5db926a477&groupId=7e1d1a6b-2aa2-4b03-a7d8-0bacb98e0ba5

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