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  • 25 Mar 2015 9:37 PM | Joseph Armendarez

    Cranston Public Schools is looking for a potential long-term substitute school psychologist and/or as needed short-term substitute school psychologist for coverage in the district.  

    You will be required to complete an application, BCI, and have current RIDE certification.  

    If you are interested, please contact Allison Luchka, Program Supervisor of the School Psychology Department at 401-270-8559 or aluchka@cpsed.net

  • 11 Mar 2015 8:56 PM | Joseph Armendarez

    When: April 16, 2015 | 8 am-12 pm

    Where: Rhode Island College Student Union Ballroom

    600 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI 02908!

    Working Together: Understanding the Link Between Diagnosis And Special Education Eligibility

    A panel where educators, clinicians, and parents come together to!

    Strengthen the link between clinical, community providers and the special education system!

    Please see flyer for inclusionary and contact information! 


  • 16 Feb 2015 5:37 PM | Joseph Armendarez

    Hello Colleague,
    You have been invited to participate in a research study on the topic of cognitive processes related to learning and behavior. This survey is part of a doctoral dissertation.  It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Upon completing the survey, you will have the option to enter into a raffle for the chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. Your responses will be confidential. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary; you may refuse to participate or terminate your participation at any time without penalty. In addition, you have the right skip any questions you do not want to answer. This is an anonymous study; therefore, you will not be required to provide us with your name or other identifying personal information.

    Unfortunately, only practicing school psychologists and school psychology interns may participate in this research. This online survey is posted on Survey Monkey, which is a website specifically designed for surveys and questionnaires. The link to the survey is:

    Thank you for your time and cooperation! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 
    meghanga@pcom.edu. Also, please email me if you would like a description of the results after the research is completed. Please note that the first page of the online survey is the consent form. More information about this study is available on that page.


    If you know any additional school psychologists or interns who would be willing to participate in this research, please forward this email.

    Meghan Garrett, Ed.S., NCSP

    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)

    School Psychology Psy.D. Student

  • 29 Aug 2014 2:00 PM | Steve DeBlois (Administrator)

    RISPA has always advocated for the recognition of the NCSP credential in RI schools. During a fall conference survey conducted in 2006, psychologists from only 3 districts reported being compensated in any way for having their NCSP.

    As the financial landscape of education in our state has waned, it has become increasingly more difficult to advocate for the NCSP. Have times changed at all in the past 8 years? RISPA is interested in hearing any related feedback...positive or negative on efforts to have the NCSP recognized in your school district.


  • 11 Jun 2014 5:40 PM | Joseph Armendarez

    Watch this video and tell us what you think. 

    URI Honor's Colloquium 2013 - Finland

    Also, click on the Washington Post link below for more information that can help you think about both sides. 

    Washington Post Article - Finland

    And another article to spark your interest. 

    National Education Association - Finland

    Post your comments and thoughts here!

  • 20 May 2014 5:21 PM | Joseph Armendarez
    I would like to pose a question.

    What does ethics mean to you and how does it guide your everyday interactions?  

  • 14 Apr 2014 7:20 PM | Joseph Armendarez

    Ethical and Professional Practices Committee

    The NASP Ethical and Professional Practices Committee is responsible for interpreting and applying standards for the professional conduct of NASP members and school psychologists who are credentialed by the National School Psychology Certification System. The committee’s purposes are:

    1. To promote and maintain ethical conduct by school psychologists.
    2. To educate school psychologists regarding NASP ethical standards.
    3. To protect the well being of school psychologists' clients.
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