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Ethnic Minority Scholarship Application 

RISPA is pleased to announce the fourteenth year of this scholarship award, with a new title!

2019 Ethnic Minority Scholarship Award                 

The Rhode Island School Psychologists Association Ethnic Minority Scholarship Award was established in 2005 to provide financial assistance to resident minority scholars pursuing graduate study in Rhode Island graduate programs as well as out of state programs. Out of state students attending school in RI may also apply. This scholarship further supports the more profound goal of promoting ethnic diversity within the profession so as to best serve a diverse community of students across developmental levels and educational programs.  The Rhode Island School Psychologists Association is pleased to annually share an award amount agreed upon by the RISPA Board with at least one or two qualified graduate students of school psychology as selected by the Ethnic Minority Scholarship Committee.

***The 2019 RISPA Ethnic Minority Scholarship Award will award

$1,000 to one graduate student selected from qualified applicants.***

As this is an ethnic minority scholarship award designed to increase ethnic diversity in the field, eligibility for this scholarship includes belonging to ethnic groups in at least one of the following racial classification categories:

    • American Indian or Alaskan Native: All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of North America (e.g. Cherokee, Narragansett, etc.)

    • Asian and Pacific Islander: All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands (e.g. Thailand, India, etc.)

    • Black: All persons having origins in Sub-Saharan African countries (i.e. Liberia, Senegal, etc.), African Diasporic countries (e.g. Jamaica, Haiti, etc.) -and that are not of Hispanic origin.

    • Hispanic: All persons of Spanish culture origins- countries in Central and South America (e.g. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.)

  • To complete and send the scholarship applications applicants can:

  • 1. Save this document, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m2A_rGjoNzAEfktVGq_0pKMlvGgA1NXtGQI6O2lUd54/edit?usp=sharing, to their computer, and complete applicable sections through typing, copy/pasting, etc. directly into the document.  Once complete, save the application with applicant name in the title and email.

  • 2. Or application can be printed out, completed by hand, scanned and emailed.

To access pdf version, download the application by clicking RISPA Ethnic Minority Scholarship Award.pdf

Follow the instructions on the application form and submit all documents.  The application cutoff date is 4/22/19. 

Electronic submissions sent to:

2019 RISPA Scholarship Committee


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